Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 18 & 19th, 2013

Hello All,
Today we are going to begin with a journal write on "If you were the Principal of Morris Knolls, what rules would you change and why?  Be appropriate with your answers.

  1.  Create a short spring story using the handout provided by the Mrs. Wilk.  Be sure to use all words given on list.  Follow the requirements on the handout. Save in your April folder.
  2. Retype page 169 53 A each line 3 times, once all caps, once lower case, once lower case and bold
  3. 53 B  Retype line 1-9 once
  4. 53 C each row once 
  5. page 182 retype business letter 1 & and  2 separately   Create letter head for each letter and follow instructions in the left margin. 
  6. If all work is finished, students can play games on

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