Monday, February 18, 2013

February 19 & 20, 2013

Hello All

Journal Entry: Write two paragraphs about how the effects of the storm Sandy may have changed the way you or your parents save money…..

Warm Up drill: page 76:

Activity 1 Proofread and correct lines 1-10 use the rules to make corrections.

Activity 2 lines 1-6

Page 87 Add to notes folder the definitions of parts of a table: (retype the purple vocabulary with definitions)

In Word: Please start or continue to create a collage about yourself using pictures only to describe yourself. See teacher for handout. You should include at least 35 pictures. (Overlap pictures slightly so no white space should be showing) Handouts on teacher’s desk in a folder

Save all work in your February folder

You are going to make a collage all about you!  You need to include at least 35 pictures that will overlay on the paper that best describes you, the things you like to do,  things you like to eat, your interests etc.
When you are done with your collage, there shouldn't be any white space showing on your document.  Cut the shape of your pictures, re -size them, rotate them etc.  Have fun being creative!

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