Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 2, 2012

Hello All

Today we will are going to complete 3, (3 minute timings). Log on to ATRT and complete three timings in the testing center. Print our your 3 best scores with 3 errors or less. Calculate your grade by using your Grading Scale Sheet.

Using your proofreading skills, retype table "selected Works by American Authors" page 96

Then create a table 3 from information given.. Follow instructions for the title and changes in the yellow margin.

Page 98 Arrange a four column table following directions in yellow margin. Sort by composers in alphabetical order.

Complete a current event on the Oscar Awards. Find the following:

Who won for best Picture?

Who won best Actress?

Who won best Actor?

Who won best Supporting Actor?

Who won best Costume?

Who was oldest person to ever receive an Oscar?

Who was honored at the 2012 Oscar Award?

Complete the Enrichment Handout

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