Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt
Choose a topic. (make sure it is not offensive to anyone in anyway)

Generate 10 questions related to your topic. The answers to these questions must come from at least three web sites.

In Word, create two documents.

The first document is the Scavenger Hunt with the questions. Put your name and "block" in the header of the document.

Key in a title centered on the line.

Number your ten questions.

Format the document so it looks nice. You may use graphics, if you wish.

Save the document as "Scavenger Hunt" in your 1st Marking Period folder.

The second document is the answer key.
Be sure that the questions are on both documents. (I recommend that you open the "Scavenger Hunt" file and Save As "Scavenger Hunt Answer Key." On the answer key, note the web site you used to get the answer next to each question.

Be sure that both of these documents are saved in your January folder on the network.

Print the documents and submit.

Total points: 30 points: 20 for Scavenger Hunt, 10 for Answer Key

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